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Celebrating Raldon's 62nd Year

Printing On Silk
How To Print on fabrics on your own computer

Displaying your Fabric Prints
Ideas & How to frame, hang & wear your prints

Digital Silk Magazine Fall 2015
cleaning your silks, making scarves and more

Minschew: 20 Years of Computer Art
artist illustrated biography

W Minschew: The Wrapped Journey
catalog of last works

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie
illustrated book of prose poetry

Computer Art & Giclee Prints
answers your questions about digital art and prints

On The Other Hand
Learning to draw again after injury to dominant hand

Quiet Electricity
novel based on a true story
of a family building a home
site in the Sierra Nevada

Winter of the Blue Oranges
short story collection about relationships

The Long Summer
*for young readers*
story of a girl and her horse

Displaying Your Silk Prints
ideas and how-to
frame and make wall hangings, scarves, small projects

Patterns to Make for the Disabled or Elderly
42 helpful easy patterns

The Window Project
catalog of public art of California Contemporary Art Collective


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